UX/UI Designer based in New Zealand

Passionate about minimalism and Apple design aesthetics
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Multidisciplinary UX/UI Designer Minimalism Advocate Empowering Creatives @kalypsodesigns
Multidisciplinary UX/UI Designer Minimalism Advocate ✱ Empowering Creatives @kalypsodesigns
Multidisciplinary UX/UI Designer ✱ Minimalism Advocate ✱ Empowering Creatives @kalypsodesigns

Favourite projects

Method InSight

IoT Dashboard


Developed the UI/UX for Method InSight, an IoT product, creating everything from dashboards to mobile apps and marketing materials. This work unified the product’s design across various platforms, enhancing user experience and interaction.

Crate connect

DJ Portal


Led the UI/UX redesign for Crate Connect, a DJ portal and record pool, modernizing the interface from its 2003 origins. Worked closely with an external team to ensure a seamless transition and provided detailed project handoffs.

Foundry lab



Designed the UI/UX for Foundry Lab's metal molding machines, similar to 3D printers for metal. Developed dashboards for both users and administrators, showcasing real-time printing progress for users and detailed process overviews for admins.

Tesla Time

Icon Design


Designed the icon for Tesla Time, a third-party watchOS app for controlling Tesla cars. Created a minimalistic design that instantly communicates the app’s connection to Tesla at a glance.

Tesla Time

App Onboarding


Designed engaging onboarding screens for the Tesla Time watch app, showcasing key features at a glance to enhance user understanding and app functionality right from the start.


Mobile app


Redesigned the UI for Monytize, a social media app, improving upon initial designs to make them development-ready. Delivered a detailed handoff to ensure straightforward implementation.

But Wait… There’s More!
Mockup of a website for Brand Quest, displayed on a laptop showing 'The Heart' and 'The Mind' sections with text and icons.Mockup of a recycling bin app using IoT to record waste stats. The phone screen shows a setup success message and station detailsMockup of a station installation app showing 'Scan History' with saved locations, signal strength indicators, and a new location button.Mockup of a music web app displayed on a tablet screen. The interface shows 'Discover New Music' with various album covers and a search bar.Mockup of an app called Me-Port, similar to LinkedIn but for blue-collar jobs, displayed on a laptop screen. The interface shows an 'Edit your profile' page with fields for name and job title, and options to add skills and a resumeMockup of a record pool app for DJs, displayed on a laptop screen. The interface shows a sign-in page with fields for username and password, and an image of a DJ mixing music in the background.Mockup of a record pool app showing a music library on a laptop screen with a 'Discover New Music' section and various album covers.ockup of the menu section of the Brand Quest website displayed on a screen, showing navigation options for various sections of the site."Mockup of a Crate Connect web page displayed on a laptop screen, featuring a new release section and a music track list with options to listen now.Mockup of a record pool app displayed on a monitor screen, showing the Crate Connect interface with the heading 'The Hype Is Real' and a list of trending tracks.Mockup of a music app displayed on a smartphone screen, showing top chart songs, including 'Midnights' and 'Die For You' in the new release sectionMockup of a recycling station installer app on a phone screen with setup details for 'Kitchen Lv 4' at 78 Victoria Street.

My Products

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Carousel Template

Well-crafted templates to make your content pop. Available for Figma, Canva and Google slides.

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Nudge Animation

Easy to update animation template that will make your Instagram carousel posts stand out in feed.

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Gradient Package

A collection of Gradients designed to enhance your creative projects. Custom-made templates for instagram.